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We breed various types of guinea pigs Many of Our parents are pedigreed we sell as pets. We never inbred and have great lines. We have currecntly a Black Amercian Satin, Red Teddy Boar and a Silkie Tortishell we have new ones often call and ask what we have we are also breeder of Skinny Pigs, as well as Perviuvan, Teddy, Abyssian, Silkie & American. Price Varies on Guinea Pig Type and sex from ...
WOW...!!! Guinea pig full kit (Large cage NOT a starter cage either) as pictured with F R E E (american)Guinea pig baby... We are meeting the big box store price and giving you Your Choice of a FREE BABY guinea pig( Select pigs only) !!!! A total value of $109.00 for only $79.99 that way less than online stores and you dont even get a baby pig!. From 19th to 22nd only!! Come on in todayPaws-N-C...
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