Small pets and animals for sale in Abilene, KS

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We breed various types of guinea pigs Many of Our parents are pedigreed we sell as pets. We never inbred and have great lines. We have currecntly a Black Amercian Satin, Red Teddy Boar and a Silkie Tortishell we have new ones often call and ask what we have we are also breeder of Skinny Pigs, as well as Perviuvan, Teddy, Abyssian, Silkie & American. Price Varies on Guinea Pig Type and sex from ...
We are a family owned breeders of pets we have Great Dumbo and regular Hairless Rats for sale hand tame very sweet. Pinks, Albinos and sometimes blues and hooded also Poodle and Rex rats avaible sometimes Dumbo pets are 12.00 Hairless are 19.99
WOW...!!! Guinea pig full kit (Large cage NOT a starter cage either) as pictured with F R E E (american)Guinea pig baby... We are meeting the big box store price and giving you Your Choice of a FREE BABY guinea pig( Select pigs only) !!!! A total value of $109.00 for only $79.99 that way less than online stores and you dont even get a baby pig!. From 19th to 22nd only!! Come on in todayPaws-N-C...
HEDGEHOG Baby's We Have NEW BABY's . We Currently have Platinums,White, Pintos,Chocolate chip, Salt N peppers, Hedgie baby and /or a kit you can make a deposit on my webpage. We also offer full cage kit with Baby Hedgie for $250.00 to $350.00 that includes: Xlg Jumbo cage, xlarge tree House, Giant Safety Wheel, Bedding, Food , Water bottle, Food bowl & Meal worms,& Book. Each one of our babies ...
HEDGEHOG Baby's We Currently have White Faced ...WOW, Split faced and Pintos,Chocolate chip, Salt N peppers, Each one of our babies comes with a congenital health guarantee, warranty against WHS & have Pedigrees as well. They are held alot very Friendly cost 100.00 to $200.00, We are located in Abilene Ks. We also offer full cage kit with Baby Hedgie for $250.00 to $350.00 that includes: Xlg Ju...
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