"Japug's"(Japanese Chin & Pug) ready at 8 wks (Our past litters we have over 4 of these pups have gone on to be service dogs, they are very well behaved and excellent personality's, known as Pocket or Mini Pugs because unlike standard pugs 16 to 25 pounds Japugs get 9 to 16 pounds)That is not a registered term just know as names) ALL pups go home with current two plus sets of Vaccinations,Three...

MeiMei AKC

AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB Pugs We are an reconized AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB Breeder of H.E.A.R.T. ALL OUR PARENTS !!! Health Tested by DNA OFA Certified in : Cardiac(Heart), Patella's(Knees), Ophthalmic(Eyes). Legg-Calve Perthes Diease, CERT. registered & DNA Tested Clear for PLL& DM, & PDE ( Pug Encephalitis).& NME,Pug Pk, Brucellious Free. & PRA(crd4/cord-1)Pups Will go home after eight weeks old with...
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